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Welcome Horsemen!

Horsemen racing at Buffalo Raceway can now receive text messages from the Race Office, text buffaloraceway to 781-728-9542 to sign up.

"Online entries" are now available for Buffalo Raceway Horsemen. If you are using USTA On Line entry please be sure to update your phone numbers so we can call you if there is a problem with your entry.

The office is open every race night 90 minutes from first post through 1 hour after first post time.

Horses claimed at Buffalo Raceway must remain for 90 days. Click here for more information on claiming a horse.

Please sure to review the Buffalo Raceway Competition rule.

Overnight sheet
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 (pdf link coming soon)
Saturday, February 2, 2019 (pdf link coming soon)

Condition sheet
January 30 – February 3, 2019 (pdf link coming soon)

Paddock and Lasix Schedules

Qualifiers Entries Results

Draw for qualifiers will be on Friday. Box for Qualifiers will close at 10:00 am. Qualifiers will be held on SATURDAY at 4:30 pm.

There will be a maximum of 5 qualifiers. If there are more than 40 horses entered to qualify each week, they will be 'preference dated' with consideration to those horses that race the highest classes for the first week only. In addition, a horse 'scratched' from a qualifier will be given that date.

Horses that do not make qualifying time in their first attempt do not get that date as a preference date. Qualifying time is currently - Pace 2:04 - Trot 2:07

All Horses allowed 4 total qialifiers (3YO 5 attempts – 2 YO unlimited) for race meet.


Saturday - February 2

Saturday - February 9

2 year olds allowed 3 sec

3 year olds allowed 1 sec

Useful Forms & Links
2019 Stall Packet
2019 Purse Authorization
Claiming A Horse Information
Claiming Authorization
USTA Transfer
NYSGC Licenses Application website
Opportunity Knocks Series


Competition Rule
Buffalo Raceway Management: Competition Rule at Buffalo Raceway Participants with the same surname (last name) will be limited per race to two separate pari-mutuel betting interests (i.e. drivers and trainers). If three trainers with the same surname (last name) are entered in a specific race, the trainer with the "latest" race date will be deemed ineligible to compete in the specific race. If one trainer and two drivers with the same surname (last name) are entered in a specific race, one of the two drivers must drive for the one trainer or both drivers will be deemed ineligible to compete in the specific race. If two trainers and one driver with the same surname are entered in a specific race, the one driver must drive for one of the two trainers or be deemed ineligible to compete in the specific race.

Buffalo Raceway has the sole right to establish a Competition Rule, and reserves the right to amend the Competition Rule at any time, if management of Buffalo Raceway deems it is in the best interests of racing at Buffalo Raceway to do so.

The Competition Rule will generally not apply to the New York Sire Stakes or Excelsior Series unless management of Buffalo Raceway deems it is in the best interests of racing at Buffalo Raceway to apply the Competition Rule.

Claiming a Horse

Buffalo Raceway Claiming Rule

Any horse claimed at Buffalo Raceway during the 2019 meet, must remain at Buffalo Raceway for 90 days. The same will apply to any horse sold after being claimed. The most recent claimant will be held responsible if the horse leaves for any reason with expectations of racing elsewhere and will be subject to a minimum of 15 days "out of the box" or possible revocation of stalls. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Cash can not be used for claiming a horse. Only certified bank checks and money orders are accepted.

Personal checks are accepted for U.S.T.A. transfer fees which is $35.00

If you wish to get a Coggins test, cost is $30.00

The NYSGC will no longer (starting February 10, 2016) conduct post-race testing of every claimed horse. Instead, the claimant will be permitted to request such testing, at the claimant's expense, on the Claim Form. The claimant must have funds ($150) for this expense when the Claim is filed. This fee is refundable if the claimed horse is designated for testing by the NYSGC.

Buffalo Raceway Claiming Hours
All claims on a race night must be completed at the race office no later than One-half (1/2) Hour after the designated first race post time. For example; with a 5:00 p.m. first races post time, claims must be completed by 5:30 p.m. However, anyone already in line at the race office to enter a claim before 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays; 6:30 p.m. on Saturdays; 1:00 p.m. on Sundays; will be allowed to enter a claim in the event of a "backup". In addition, any claim may be withdrawn up to ten minutes before post time of the race for which the claim was made.

Paperwork for a claim must be filled out in the Race Office. Once the paperwork is complete the claim must be delivered by you or someone you appoint to the Judges Office, which is located on the grandstand side of the track no later than a half hour before post time of the race you are claiming from.

You must provide New York State Racing License numbers and U.S.T.A license numbers for all owners listed on the claim form.

Any further questions please contact the Race Office on draw days Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m., or any live racing night.

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